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  • SMT Double Splice Tape with Guide Dots 8mm Yellow

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  • Description: SMT Splice Tape - Series 01, Double Splice Tape with guide dots.

    1. Guarantee perfect and reliable joints in all kinds of paper carrier tape.
    2. Joining is accomplished  without any tools or fixtures, with precise pitch spacing,
        using convenient, pre-cut lenghts of tape.

    3. Increases efficiency,save component

    4. No down time because of accurate joining

     Production Name  P/N  Application  Quantity
     Double splice tape  M0108  For 8mm carrier tape  500pcs/Box
     Double splice tape  M0112   For 12mm carrier tape  500pcs/Box
     Double splice tape  M0116  For 16mm carrier tape  500pcs/Box
     Double splice tape  M0124  For 24mm carrier tape  250pcs/Box

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