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  • SMT Clip and Tape Combo - Series 08

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  • Description: SMT Splice Tape - Series 08, Clip and Tape Combo


    1.Innovative design:A clip and a single tape in one strip.
    2.Used for connecting the end of a depleted reel of components with the beginning of a new reel without shutting off the SMT machine.
    3.Accurate and reliable connection.
    4.Simplify the management of all kinds of splice materials.
    5.Clip and single splice tape in one strip, accurate connecting with SMT splice

    6.Fits all types of SMD carriers (paper and plastic) and is able to pass through most of the component feeders

     Product Name  P/N  Application  Quantity
     Clip and tape combo  M0808  For 8mm carrier tape  500pcs/Box
     Clip and tape combo  M0812  For 12mm carrier tape  500pcs/Box
     Clip and tape combo  M0816  For 16mm carrier tape  500pcs/Box
     Clip and tape combo  M0824  For 24mm carrier tape  250pcs/Box

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