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  • The most commonly asked questions.

1. What is Splice Tape?


Splice Tape is used to join SMT component reels together which reduces Pick & Place Machine downtime, thus providing time and overall cost efficiencies.


2. What are the advantages of using Splice Tape?


Significant savings on SMT production costs
Increase Pick & Place Machine output by 5%-30% Reduce reel change downtime Guarantees a precise connection of component reels
Decrease machine abrasion by reducing the need to reload the feeder
Increase efficiency by using all the components on the carrier tape


3. What are SMD Cover Tape Extenders?


Cover tape extenders are used when a reel of SMD components doesn’t have a leader at the beginning of the reel. The tape extenders add an additional 508mm (20”) of tape as a leader and feed into SMT placement equipment as a piece of cover tape.

These tape extenders reduce the loss of components when you have no leader tape to work with.

Can be used with either paper or plastic tape, punched or formed pockets, from 8-44mm width.


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